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If you are an architect, designer or developer, take advantage of a trade program that gives you an unparalleled opportunity to purchase Korewolamp products at discounted prices.

Korewolamp is pleased to offer more affordable discounts and better service to our trade partners.

Our trade partner program is open to interior designers, interior decorators, architects as well as real estate agents, developers and other professionals.

What you need to do?

  • Make a note in your email: Business/ designer name via trade account Example: XXX's trade account set up
  • Provide shopping list(colors, sizes, special requirements, etc.)

What we provide?

  • Exclusive discount code based on the amount of your shopping list
  • Prepare your list of shipments for you in advance
  • Exempt custom charge. Free samples and free swatches for customized color
  • Design drawings provided free of charge
  • Free accessories for extension rod extension chain
  • Exclusive VIP customer service representative

Feel free to join us!

Please contact us for more information. Use the form below to send us a message or contact us by mail

Email: support@korewolamp.com
Tel: +(213)770-8807

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